accents in windows

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Thu Oct 30 13:43:34 CET 2014

C at rlos wrote:

> thanks U, but the real problem is:
> i have a path C:\Users\yanet\Desktop\áaaéeeíiiióooúuuñnn
> this path is correct, áaaéeeíiiióooúuuñnn is the name of a directory
> but when i try to use os.walk() usin this path, dont work, for os this
> path dont exist, i try every things but nothing works.
> some help???

"nothing works" is not a good problem description to get help to fix a bug.

Can you post a small script that demonstrates the problem? 

Run the script and post its output including the error message and the 
traceback. Don't retype the output, use copy-and-paste.

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