Has color "Green" changed from Python 33 to 34 ?

Christian Gollwitzer auriocus at gmx.de
Fri Oct 31 08:05:22 CET 2014

Am 30.10.14 12:23, schrieb ast:
> I just updated this morning my Python from a 3.3rc to 3.4 (Windows) and
> I noticed that the 'Green' color in tkinter GUI is not the same at all.
> 'Green' in 3.4 is very dark. I had to replace it with 'Lime' to
> get back a nice 'Green'.

If you are dependent on the exact RGB value, just use a hex triplet, 
this will be passed unmodified to the OS and never change.

A 100% green would be '#00FF00'.

Note that still the OS may choose to apply color profiles etc. to this 
color, but this is outside of the control of the application.


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