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>>> Because the topic of that lesson was getter setter.
>>> I can construct an __init___  but I was practicing get/set.
>> Doesn't sound like a very good lesson to me.
>It's not.  It's teaching java or C++ or some other language while
>using a Python compiler.
>> Getters and setters are the Java way of doing things. The Pythonic
>> way is to just use an attribute, and then replace it with a property
>> in the unlikely event that getter/setter logic needs to be added.

In this class, we will follow the practice of accessing the contents
of objects using methods known as getters and setters. While not
required by Python, this practice encourages the user of the class to
manipulates class objects solely via class methods. The advantage of
following this practice is that the implementer of the class
definition (often someone other than the user of the class) may
restructure the organization of the data fields associated with the
object while avoiding the need to rewrite code that uses the class.

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