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>> In this class, we will follow the practice of accessing the contents
>> of objects using methods known as getters and setters. While not
>> required by Python, this practice encourages the user of the class to
>> manipulates class objects solely via class methods. The advantage of
>> following this practice is that the implementer of the class
>> definition (often someone other than the user of the class) may
>> restructure the organization of the data fields associated with the
>> object while avoiding the need to rewrite code that uses the class.
>Yep, that's teaching C++/Java coding using Python. Isn't it time you
>got onto a better course? Time and time again you've been going down
>inadvisable paths, and it seems to me you could do better with the
>inbuilt tutorial rather than this kind of course.
inbuilt tutorial?

The course is free.  You can't beat the price.  It is only for a few
more weeks.

Trying to learn from reading the Internet has no set direction.  I
need a little nudge.  More like a shove.

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