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On Mon, 01 Sep 2014 12:12:20 +1000, Steven D'Aprano
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>Seymore4Head wrote:
>>>'my' doesn't contain a vowel, therefore the condition of the 'if'
>>>statement in 'pigword' is never true, therefore it never binds to the
>>>name 'pigword'.
>> Ah.   The piglatin example says to use y as a vowel.  I forgot to
>> include it.
>Doesn't matter. What if one of the words doesn't contain any vowel or "y"?
>E.g. "Grrr!", "Hmmm", "the nth degree", "tsk tsk", Internet slang such
>as "pwn" and "pr0n", or words in Foreign like "cwm" (pronounced "koom",
>Welsh for a cirque, which is a type of valley). You still need to deal with
>the case that a word contains no vowels at all.
>The easiest way is to initialise the "pigword" variable to the word itself,
>then if the vowel test never succeeds, the function will return the word
>def pigword(word):
>    """Return word converted to piglatin."""
>    pig = word  # initialise to the word itself.
>    blah blah blah  # your code goes here
>    return pig

I will try to add that next.


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