Psycopg2 package installation puzzle in Pycharm - any thoughts?

Andrea D'Amore anddamNOALPASTICCIODICARNE+gruppi at
Mon Sep 1 09:07:01 CEST 2014

You make hard to follow your messages both by sending lot of messages 
and not using an adequate quoting.
Please pick a posting style [1] (possibly interleaved) and stick to it.

On 2014-08-31 23:35:09 +0000, andydtaylor at said:
> Andrea - yes I am using the virtualenv interpreter as the Pycharm 
> project interpreter

That statement needs to be backed by some proof, saying "I'm using such 
interpreter" doesn't necessarily mean it's true, print out 
sys.executable and check.

I confirm I just downloaded PyCharm CE 3.4.1 (you didn't provide your 
PyCharm version), set up a virtualenv, created an empty project using 
the interpreter from that environment and was able to run the file with 
the import statement in PyCharm, so the IDE works as expected.
It was actually quite straightforward and PyCharm also offered to 
create the virtualenv while selecting the interpreter.

I suggest to stop messing with your environment (I would revert all 
those changes) and figure what the problem actually is.


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