Psycopg2 package installation puzzle in Pycharm - any thoughts?

Andrea D'Amore anddamNOALPASTICCIODICARNE+gruppi at
Mon Sep 1 15:13:14 CEST 2014

On 2014-09-01 12:32:38 +0000, andydtaylor at said:

> Google groups doesn't exactly help you with that.

Drop it, get a usenet client or subscribe the mailing list (the 
newsgroup and the ml are bridged IIRC).

> * Your man on the street would say I described the error fairly well.

That man probably doesn't try to solve other people's issues.

> * So far as environment tinkering is concerned I have entered a 
> "launchctl setenv PATH" statement in two places. Both reversible.

That will affect your session environment (that is separated from your 
terminal environment), but since PyCharm doesn't pick a Python 
interpreter from PATH but rather let the user explicitly select one 
you're more intersted in just selecting a correct interpreter.

> * I think what I have is an issue pertaining to OSX Mavericks and 
> Pycharm. If you have nothing to add, just say it.

I forgot to mention it but I'm on Mavericks and downloaded the latest 
PyCharm just to check you issue, I never used it and just followed the 
new project wizard that asked me to select a python interpeter or to 
create a virtualenv.

> * Statements like "Please equip yourself with a tool that provides us 
> with some context" add nothing and are not exactly community inclusive.

Still you took the time to write the message I'm replying to, that 
won't help you much, rather than running
import sys
in your project, that would provide more information about your issue.


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