Psycopg2 package installation puzzle in Pycharm - any thoughts?

andydtaylor at andydtaylor at
Tue Sep 2 01:13:03 CEST 2014

Mark - it's more that I just didn't understand what you mean. 

Here's you: Probably an out and out programmer; uses a number of languages; a decade of experience, educated in best practice via your experience.

Here's me: Idiot. A decade of experience in VBA and Excel in mindless finance jobs, hoping to build a 'not shit" website for a refrigerated van courier company I am starting.  I know enough to find my way around linux and mac for most things and that Python and Django are a great tool, yet I stumble in my environment setup. I have built a Django website before using Pycharm on an Ubuntu machine without this problem.

So I wasn't seeking to be abrasive, it's just that I don't get it, nor do I understand the boundary of "it".

Here's what I can do:

1. I will lookup Thunderbird and see if this makes posting easier to follow
2. I will reverse my launchctl setenv changes.
3. Is there anything else I can do to improve diagnosis and communication?


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