Define proxy in windows 7

Cameron Simpson cs at
Tue Sep 2 04:06:20 CEST 2014

On 02Sep2014 06:25, Om Prakash <torque.india at> wrote:
>I am wondering how to define proxy setting in env variable on windows 
>7, I want this so i can use pip to pull packages for me, the same 
>setting though working earlier on windows xp.
>http_proxy = "proxy name:80"
>now this same setting doesn't work, i tried doing in the cmd.exe prompt.
>set http_proxy "proxy name:80"
>P.S. i am a normal user and don't have admin privleges.

I am not a Windows user, but on UNIX systems the format of http_proxy and 
https_proxy is:


being the proxy hostname and port number respectively. You're saying:


instead. (Note, https_proxy _also_ starts with "http:", not "https:" because 
the communication with the proxy is HTTP.)

Try the longer form.  And ensure you have the port number right; proxies do not 
normally listen on port 80; they tend to listen on port 3128 or 8080.


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