PyDev Code Analysis

Wanderer wanderer at
Tue Sep 2 19:27:58 CEST 2014

I'm trying to set up Eclipse with PyDev and I can't get the code analysis to work the way I want.

Whenever I type 'def' it generates an error before I finish the line. I don't want to see errors until I finish typing. It's not an error I'm just not done yet. So I try to turn this off by going to Window>Preferences>PyDev>Editor>CodeAnalysis and setting the option When do we analyze? to Only on save. This doesn't stop these errors from showing up while I'm typing. What it does is stop checking for warnings like 'unused variable' even on save. If I set the option to 'On any successful parse' then it will check for these warning only on save.

To summarize
Setting 'Only on save', turns off warnings but keeps giving real time errors.

Setting 'On any successful parse', checks for warnings only on save and keeps giving real time errors.

I'm using 
Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
Pydev for Eclipse

What I am I doing wrong?


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