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> I'm trying to set up Eclipse with PyDev and I can't get the code analysis
> to work the way I want.
> Whenever I type 'def' it generates an error before I finish the line. I
> don't want to see errors until I finish typing. It's not an error I'm just
> not done yet. So I try to turn this off by going to
> Window>Preferences>PyDev>Editor>CodeAnalysis and setting the option When do
> we analyze? to Only on save. This doesn't stop these errors from showing up
> while I'm typing. What it does is stop checking for warnings like 'unused
> variable' even on save. If I set the option to 'On any successful parse'
> then it will check for these warning only on save.
> To summarize
> Setting 'Only on save', turns off warnings but keeps giving real time
> errors.
> Setting 'On any successful parse', checks for warnings only on save and
> keeps giving real time errors.
> I'm using
> Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
> Pydev for Eclipse
> What I am I doing wrong?
> Thanks

Well, there are 2 different things there:

Code analysis and syntax analysis.

Syntax analysis is always done on the fly (and you can't really turn it off
-- the places which require an AST will usually use the AST which is
computed there and when it's computed and there's a syntax error, that
error will be shown). It should usually be computed when a new line is
entered, on a save or after you entered some text and the timeout specified
at preferences > pydev > builders is elapsed.

As for the code analysis (which will check errors and warnings such as
unused imports / unresolved imports / undefined variables, etc.), it has
the options you saw (which are affected by the only on save/on any
successful parse).


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