Best way to filter parts of a email.message.Message

Tim Chase python.list at
Thu Sep 4 03:59:58 CEST 2014

I'd like to do something like the following pseudocode

  existing_message = mailbox[key] # an email.message.Message
  new_message = email.message.Message()
  for part in existing_message.walk():
    if passes_test(part):
      new_message.add(part) # need proper call here
      log("skipping %r" % part)

or alternatively something like this pseudocode inverse

  new_message = copy.copy(existing_message)
  for part in new_message.walk():
    if fails_test(part):

However, I want to make sure that just the selected mime-parts get
eliminated and that everything else (other mime-parts as well as
headers) gets copied over.  Points giving me minor fits:

- mime-parts can be nested, so I need to recursively handle them

- making sure that if the source is/isn't multipart, that the
  resulting new message is the same

- ensuring that headers get preserved (including the order)

Is there an obvious way to do this without rolling up my sleeves and
getting into the source for email.message and friends?



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