"We made from water every living thing"...

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"We made from water every living thing"...


Allah (s.w.t.) said in the Holy book (... We have made from water every living thing.)
Everything has been designated water district great glory Glory to God Almighty Allah, these scientific miracles in the Holy Book ( The Qur'an )  the scientists know that water entered in the installation of every living creature while it is stated in the holy Qur'an since more than 1400 years.

    Children, where children need good amounts of fluid, which helps growth and the reduction of any health problems.

     The elderly as the elderly needs to be good amounts of water to minimize any problems resulting from drought, especially since he loses the sense of thirst with age...

     Athletes need to adequate amounts of fluids because they are losing large quantities of water as well as the need to increase muscle and especially that water is one of the essential components of muscles, and in these days and we are in the holy month of Ramadan, we will refrain from the consumption of food and fluids for a period of more than 13 hours a day Therefore, the need to consume good amounts of fluids, especially water in times of breakfast is very necessary, since the water works and contributes to many of the core functions and mission of the human body .
Water and digestion:

- Water solvent for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose and many other nutritional elements.
- Water plays a vital role in digestion, absorption, transport, and use of nutrients.

 - Safe water is the center to get rid of toxins and waste.

 - Supports all the thermoregulation of the body on the water.

 - Is essential in the production of energy, the lubrication of joints.

 Loss of water affects the comatose: 
How many hours can a person live without water?

 What happens to him after that time period?
- Man cannot live without drinking water for more than 72 hours (three days).  If the period exceeds that may have a human fell into a coma due to the cessation of construction and demolition and stop the movement of the interactions within the body, so water is the lifeblood of every living organism. And Allah Almighty says: (and we have made from water every living thing). Subhanallah ...see how Allah Almigthy created us in this world.

 Weigth gain :
How much is water weight?
        As for people believing that drinking water frequently can lead to weight gain or large abdomen, etc. So of course this belief is wrong, the water is normal does not cause obesity or weight gain, but soda water or fruit juices containing large amounts of sugar can cause obesity, especially the breeding of them, and in especially soft drinks known food empty, contain any calories without many nutrients they contain.
 When human needs for drinking, and when should I drink?
 Should drink water when we feel thirsty, and there are physiological mechanisms working to move the sense of thirst when a natural person healthy. The important note here is:

    It may weaken the sense of thirst when some people, for many reasons, especially in the elderly, and therefore must be drawn, drinking water and fluids to work on submission to the people who suffer from this problem, such as elderly patients, children and infants.    
What are the effects of consumption of water and fluids of sick?
 Lack of fluid consumption in general and water consumption in particular, may have a risk of infection and the impact on:
Renal stones ...Obesity or obesity, childhood and adolescence.


What is a drought or dehydration?

 Dehydration :
 Is the lack of adequate rehydration (Perfusion enough) after the loss of water daily, for a long time and knows the chronic drought Poor sense of thirst mechanism Non-tasting water and a sense of complacency Consumption of common diuretics ...
In Addition , Water is a major source of the life of a people , But not only a people ; every living things. According to the verse in the Holy Book , which is The Qur'an , Allah (swt) said :

 (and sent down, from the rain clouds pouring water, that we may bring forth thereby grain and vegetable, and Gardens of entwined growth...Surah Annaba.( 14-15-16-) in the another verses on the Qur'an , Allah said :

 (But when we send down water on it, it is stirred (to life), and it swells and puts forth every lovely kind (of growth).surah Al-Hajj: 5

Means; when Allah sends the rain upon it, it is stirred to life, that is, vegetation begins to grow and it comes alive after it was dead. Then it rises after the soil had settled, then it puts forth its different kinds of fruit and crops with all their variedcolours, tastes, fragrances, shapes and benefits. Allah says:

 (And puts forth every lovely kind (of growth)

Meaning, beautiful in appearance and with delightful fragrance...Subhanallah ...

(That is because Allah: He is the truth,) means the creator, the controller, the one who does as He.

... (And it is He who gives life to the dead)...

... (Verily, He who gives it life surely is able to give life to the dead. Indeed He is able to do all things....) Qur'an, 41:39


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