How to turn a string into a list of integers?

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Mon Sep 8 07:44:06 CEST 2014

Chris Angelico <rosuav at>:

> The original question was regarding storage - how PEP 393 says that
> strings will be encoded in memory in any of three ways (Latin-1,
> UCS-2/UTF-16, or UCS-4/UTF-32). But even in our world, that is not
> what a string *is*, but only what it is made of.

I'm a bit surprised that kind of CPython implementation detail would go
into a PEP. I had thought PEPs codified Python independently of CPython.

But maybe CPython is to Python what England is to the UK: even the
government is having a hard time making a distinction.


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