Marco's atexit issue was: Re: ANN: wxPython

Nathan McCorkle nmz787 at
Fri Sep 12 18:33:09 CEST 2014

On Friday, September 12, 2014 1:14:41 AM UTC-7, Marco Prosperi wrote:
> I'm trying to pass my application from wxpython2.9.4 to 3.0.1 but there 
> seems to be still some of the problems that made me skip wxpy2.9.5: when I 
> close the main window of my application (windows7-64bit, python 2.7) I get 
> exceptions like this below (none with wxpy2.9.4). How can I avoid that my 
> users get this? this happens after my OnExit function is completed 
> Marco 
> Error in atexit._run_exitfuncs: 
> Traceback (most recent call last): 
>   File "C:\Programmi\Python27\lib\", line 24, in _run_exitfuncs 
>     func(*targs, **kargs) 
> PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "GetEventHandler() == this" failed at 
> ..\..\src\ 
> common\wincmn.cpp(478) in wxWindowBase::~wxWindowBase(): any pushed event 
> handle 
> rs must have been removed 
> Error in sys.exitfunc: 
> Traceback (most recent call last): 
>   File "C:\Programmi\Python27\lib\", line 24, in _run_exitfuncs 
>     func(*targs, **kargs) 
> wx._core.PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "GetEventHandler() == this" 
> failed 
> at . 
> .\..\src\common\wincmn.cpp(478) in wxWindowBase::~wxWindowBase(): any 
> pushed eve 
> nt handlers must have been removed 

Post some code? Sounds like you're trying to interact with a wxPython 
object in a function using atexit.register(AtExit)... which likely is 
always going to happen after the wx Destroy method is all done.
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