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>> Despite my comments, I don't actually have any objection to people who
>> choose to use Emacs, or Vim, or edit their text files by poking the hard
>> drive platter with a magnetised needle if they prefer :-) But I do think
>> it's silly of them to claim that Emacs has no learning curve, or to fail to
>> recognise how unfamiliar and different the UIs are compared to nearly
>> everything else a computer user is likely to be familiar with in 2014.
> Really, they don't! At least not for the people, for whom they are
>necessary tools. When I started in my present job, "remote access" was
>a dial-up modem, that could do 2400 baud, if you were lucky[1]. With such a
>shitty connection, a text-only editor is indisputably the right thing.

> Curiously enough, even today the same lousy kind of connections prevail. We
>still have a sizeable modem bank at my job. We still do our remote support
>over a telnet/ssh session. And we still are unable to reliable get the
>connection speeds[2], that would make anything with a GUI remotely
> So emacs and vim still have their niches. Those of us, who are old enough
>to have started our first job in a glorified teletype, OR have to support
>systems that are only reachable over RFC-1149 quality datalinks, belong
>there. The rest of you would probably be better off with something nicer.
>1. Meaning a real switched landline all the way from Denmark to Tokyo.
>Ending up with two satellite up/down-links was a killer.
>2. We have an installation in the Philippines, where we ended up installing a
>   satellite uplink. It feels like we have doubled the connectivity of the
>   entire Manilla area by doing so. And it's still painfully slow.

Right. I remember having a 300 baud dial up line.
Edwin's editor (ee), the editor I'm using right now, was optimised for
screen access, and I could do cursor based full screen editing, quite
passably, doing a vt100 emulation on my Osborne CP/M machine.

(I've a non transferable license and ee is not for sale.)


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