,, and causing trouble

Dave Angel davea at
Mon Sep 15 15:12:02 CEST 2014

Josh English <Joshua.R.English at> Wrote in message:
> I do not know what these three filesare doing, but suddenly they have caught in a loop every time I try to run some code.
> I grabbed the trace decorator from the python library and this is the last bit of the output:
>         if self.current_attack:
>             print "returning", self.current_attack, type(self.current_attack)
> <string>(532):  


> This is where I managed to send a keybord interrupt. I was working just fine, tweaking a line, running the code, tweaking a line, running the code, until this point.
> I'm on Windows 7 using Python 2.7.5. I should upgrade, and will do so, but what are these files and why are they suddenly crashing on me?

Since they're not part of the stdlib, and you don't remember
 writing them, you might get a hint by printing
    import brine
    print (brine.__brine__)


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