,, and causing trouble

Josh English Joshua.R.English at
Tue Sep 16 03:05:00 CEST 2014

On Sunday, September 14, 2014 10:59:07 AM UTC-7, Terry Reedy wrote:
> On 9/14/2014 2:44 AM, Josh English wrote:
> To the best of my knowledge,,,, are not 
> part of the stdlib.  What have you installed other than Python? What 
> editor/IDE are you using?  Check your lib/site-packages directory. From 
> a google search, is a pickle replacement in the rpyc and 
> dreampie (and other) packages.  The other two names are pretty generic 
> and probably common.

They turned out to be part of PyScripter, my IDE.

I think the problem was an enless loop, and eventually a memory error, but I'm not sure. 


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