[OT] Question about Git branches

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Sep 16 20:39:26 CEST 2014

On 9/16/2014 4:00 AM, Albert-Jan Roskam wrote

> On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 9:37 AM CEST Steven D'Aprano wrote:

>> Ben Finney wrote:

>>> "Frank Millman" <frank at chagford.com> writes:
>>>> I know there some Git experts on this list, so I hope you don't mind
>>>> me posting this question here

>>> I do. There may be experts on parquetry flooring in this forum, but a
>>> topic is not on-topic merely because some people here may know about it.

I agree.  If a post on parquet flooring were held for moderation, I 
would discard it.  Threads that wander off into parquet flooring type 
topics are best let die.

>> (1) Frank labelled the post [OT] so that people not interested in off-topic
>> posts can filter it.

>> (2) Parquetry flooring has nothing to do with Python programming, while
>> source control is very relevant. Asking questions about revision control is
>> at least as on-topic as asking what editor one should use for Python
>> programming,

The proper parallel is revision control for Python versus editor for 
Python.  Since Frank is a known Python user, I presume 'for Python' was 
part of his question. Revision control for word processing would be a 
bit far afield for this list.

>> a question I note you have been known to respond to :-)

git, in particular, is used for both development *of* CPython and 
development *with* Python.  At least one of the git sites has a clone of 
the cpython hg repository that some have used to develop patches.  On 
the core-mentorship list, there has also been discussion about git 
branching and how it differs from hg use.

> I entirely agree with Steven. VCS is about good software craftmenship.
 > It is just as on-topic as PEP8 is.

I think that is too strong, but Frank did not claim that either.

Terry Jan Reedy

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