Controlling ALLUSERS property in non-interactive MSI installer (Python 3.4.1)

norman.ives at norman.ives at
Thu Sep 18 09:22:14 CEST 2014

Hey list

I need to install a private copy of Python on Windows 7 and 8, for use only by one specific tool. The install should happen as part of the installation of the tool.

I can control TARGETDIR and extensions (via ADDLOCAL) but I'm failing to install "just for this user".

I've been trying variations on

msiexec /i python-3.4.1.msi /qb! ALLUSERS=0 WHICHUSERS=JUSTME

I found the WHICHUSERS property by inspecting the install log (/l*v).

This is not working - I still end up with an install using ALLUSERS=1, according to the log.

Can anyone comment on this issue? Typical users will not have admin rights, so I assume in that case ALLUSERS will default to 0, but I have not yet tested.

Thanks for your attention!

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