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Dave Angel davea at
Mon Sep 22 20:03:07 CEST 2014

ngangsia akumbo <ngangsia at> Wrote in message:
> I have learned python for some time now. I am developing apps using django. 
> I need some advice.
> I want to be able to write big programs using python. I have not been able to do that as of now.

Define'big'.  I could write a 25 line Python program that
 generates gigabytes of useful data. Or I could write 100,000
 lines of assembler that could have been done in 1000 lines of
 some other language. When you say you haven't been able to do
 (something), just what has been stopping you? 

> I need a way forward on what more free ebooks i can get mt hands on so i can accomplish my goals.
> I need some advice. should i go on to learn other languages like java or c++ cos i want to be able to using all these knowledge for games, desktop, mobile and web.

You certainly should learn other languages.  I used about 35
 during my career.  But until you've mastered one, c++ and Java
 will probably be more confusing than helpful.  There are others
 you probably need first,  such as html, css, regex. And other
 skills,  such as a debugger,  profiler,  customizable editor.

> i start learning java and i seem it is more real life. 

Do you mean because it makes you work harder? I've used both, 
 though not on the same project.  And java isn't the tool I'd
 reach for, for most purposes. 

> it looks real that python.

This sentence isn't.  Perhaps you intended a comma after 'real',
 or some more words at the end.


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