Google Appengine Proxy Post method error

Kev Dwyer kevin.p.dwyer at
Tue Sep 23 08:22:33 CEST 2014

alextrapp at wrote:

> So I got the Labnol Google Appengine proxy but it can't handle the Post
> method aka error 405.
> I need help adding this method to the script:
> =
> =
> main.html =
> All other files are just small files for appengine that don't carry
> sufficient code for this. Hope you guys can help.
> Thanks in advance :)


Very broadly speaking, you need to add a post method to the MirrorHandler  
class, and in that method:

 - mung the request in a similar fashion to the get method
 - avoid caching the request (POST requests are not idempotent)
 - forward the altered request to the destination server
 - return the response to the original client

The labnol google-proxy githubpage lists a twitter account for support 
contact - - so you could try asking there for more 
help.  Also check the docs for webapp2 and and Google App Engine 

Have fun,


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