cannot run a ruby script from a python script.

Shawn Bright shawn at
Thu Sep 25 01:57:13 CEST 2014

hello all. 

i have a linux computer that i use to run a GUI (wxGTK) program. In this program, there is a call to run an external ruby script.

command = "ruby run_my_command.rb &" 

however, when it runs, i get this in the terminal
sh: 1: ruby: not found

i had considered that the path to the executable was messed up or somesuch, but when i just run python in the interpreter, it works fine.

also, i have another computer with identical hardware, same OS, same package versions that it does work on also. This machine is to be a backup. 

Another note: When i run which ruby i get the path to the ruby executable. If i use that in my code, it will run, however, it will not be able to find any of the modules that i need for the ruby script to import.


command = "/path/to/ruby run_my_command.rb &" 

will run the ruby script, but the ruby script will not be able to import any of it's modules.

thanks for any tips on this.

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