how to make return(self.res) not to output the content of list ?

luofeiyu elearn2014 at
Thu Sep 25 02:11:18 CEST 2014

`sys.displayhook = lambda obj: None ` will block everything to be displayed on the interactive python console .

i rewrite my code as the following :

import sqlite3,os,jinja2
db = r'data.sqlite'
con = sqlite3.connect(db)
cur = con.cursor()

class status():
      def __init__():
          import sys
      def mydisplay(x):
          if (x is not the result of an method grow of class status ) : x  #how to do in python code?
          else : pass
      def grow(self):
          self.res=  a data ananlyse process
      def display(self):
          #to display it in the html table

how to fulfill the mydisplay function in python code to make x.grow() in the following not to output the list of self.res??

import analyse

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