how to execute the following command using python

pradeepatjob at pradeepatjob at
Thu Sep 25 14:28:35 CEST 2014

Hi group,

 I am trying to mount a remote network to my Ubuntu system.  
The remote machine keeps on changes or it is given by the user whoever wants to use my script.
 so , user enters what to mount.

 I found following command and it is running successfully when I execute using shell. 

the command:
echo -e 'ubuntumachinepassword/\nremotemachinepasword' | sudo --stdin sshfs root at remoteip:/remotesystem/folder/  /localmountpoint / -o workaround=rename -o password_stdin -o allow_other

but when i used this in
 i was not successfull.

 any help on this?

thanks & regards
Pradeep Kumar

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