Flask and Python 3

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On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 8:18 PM, Juan Christian
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>> The thing is, it’s text.  I suppose I could use some text-to-speech
>> software to provide you with a video tutorial version of that.
> No, you can't, if you think a video tutorial is only that, I'm afraid to
> tell that you only saw terrible courses/tutorials in your life.

Go on, show me a good video tutorial.  One that is quick to consume,
and one I can come back to at any time I please (within reasonable
bounds).  I can just open a text-based tutorial and use my browser’s
search capabilities (or a Table of Contents or an index in an analog
book) to find the precise bit of knowledge I need.  You can’t easily
do that with video tutorials.

Also, video tutorials for code (as well as analog books) lack a very
important feature: copy-paste.  Nobody likes retyping large passages
of code.  Especially because it’s error-prone.

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