Question about uninstallation.

Gregory Johannes-Kinsbourg harmonoisemusic at
Sun Sep 28 03:07:23 CEST 2014


This whole world of Python language is completely new to me (never programmed before in my life) - anyway sort of besides the point. Anyway, I’ve sort of been learning ‘all over the place’, that is to say that ill read something do it and then find out i should have done something else first. 
Anyway, I’ve basically ended up installing both Python 2 & 3 (I’m on OS X 10.10 btw) and first of all was curious to know if they will clash with each when being used in terminal and how do i safely remove 3 (figure i’ll learn 2 first, then re-install 3). According to the manual I should remove the files from the application folder (fair enough) but also the framework (surely I should leave that for python 2?)

Thanks in advance for the response you can provide me.

Kind regards,

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