please suggest me best way to learn REST API call with CLI

Unix SA d.joshi84 at
Sun Sep 28 07:21:59 CEST 2014


I am intermediate to python and i am familier with OOP, but sometime i lost
some where looking at OOP in class and objects .... :(

I am looking at ..

basically it uses okaara to generate CLI and calls API.

so for example if i run "pulp-admin -u admin -p admin rpm repo list" it
produces list of all repositories ...

now i want to write similar thing .. but without producing all repository i
just want to list single repo and below is the API for that ..

Not sure what's the best way to write it ... i want to do in OO way.. i
know how to use requests/httplib module and generate data and produce
output .........

but i am not able to build URL ...

can someone help to suggest best way to learn and write it ?

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