pycurl.error: (55, 'select/poll returned error')

Nagy László Zsolt gandalf at
Wed Apr 1 14:01:31 CEST 2015

>>>> When calling  curl.perform() on a curl instance I get this:
>>>> pycurl.error: (55, 'select/poll returned error')
>>>> ....
>> The same server is happily accepting files over 4GB from other
>> clients. Those other clients are exactly the same client programs, but
>> they are running on Windows. Only the one on this FreeBSD box is
>> throwing the error.
> Maybe, you can find out what was the real error reported by
> "select/poll" (the "55" above might be the "errno" and in
> you OS header files, you may find what it means).
> *nix* derivatives have a peculiarity (missing under Windows).
> There waiting system calls may prematurely return with
> the error "interrupted system call".
> Likely, this should give waiting applications a chance to reassess
> the state after a signal interrupt and decide for themselves
> whether the waiting should be continued. In most contexts,
> "interrupted system call" should not be considered an error and the
> interrupted call should be restartet. Maybe, "pycurl" misses to do that.
I have figured out that the limit is exactly 2048KB. I'll probably post 
a bug report to pycurl developers.

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