instance attribute "a" defined outside __init__

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> Hi, When running below code, I get error saying: 

> instance attribute "a" defined outside __init__

That's a warning, not an error.  And it's a warning from pylint,
not from Python itself.

It's trying to suggest better style, that's all.  It's unusual to
define instance variables in functions other __init__.

>     class Foo:

>         var = 9

>         def add(self, a, b):
>             self.a = a
>             self.b = b
>             print a+b

>         def __init__(self):
>             print 10

>     bar = Foo()  # create object

>     bar.add(4, 7)  # call method by object.method

>     print bar.var  # access class variable

> why the output prints:

> 10
> 11
> 9

10 is printed by Foo.__init__(), when an instance of Foo is created.
11 is printed by calling bar.add(4, 7).
9 is printed by your statement 'print bar.var'.

Your program has those statements in that order, so they are printed
in that order.  Why did you expect a different order?

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