ANN: polynice 0.7 - a nice(1) like utility for throttling processes

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Sun Apr 5 21:49:55 CEST 2015

polynice is a nice(1)-like command line utility for unix systems to
throttle long running processes beyond what can be achieved by nice(1),
by repeatedly suspending and resuming the process.

It is written for python3, though there is some python2.7 compatibility.

Radovan Garabík


GPL (v2)

Notable changes:
* This is the first public release under the name `polynice' - the
  utility has been renamed from `verynice' due to name clash with an
  existing software.
* polynice can now emulate timeout(1) - terminate process after given
  time has passed
* MacOS X improvements
* better python2 compatiblity

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