Python library - RegistryValueChangeEvent

Khyati shrivastavkhyati at
Tue Apr 7 00:02:08 CEST 2015

I have a question about RegistryValueChangeEvent that I have not been able to find an answer to on the internet so far. I would appreciate any help since I have already spent a lot of time finding any material that explains this:

What I am trying to do: 
- create an event when a value for a registry key changes

How I am doing it:
>raw_wql = "SELECT * FROM RegistryValueChangeEvent WHERE Hive='HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' AND KeyPath='Software\\\\Temp' AND ValueName='Name\'"
>watcher = c.watch_for(raw_wql=raw_wql,wmi_class = "__ExtrinsicEvent")
>while TRUE:
>    process_created = watcher()

the _wmi_event object returned is not coming back as Extrinsic event - 
So, in, in class _wmi_watcher:
   "self.is_extrinsic" returns false and I get an exception from the else part - [line 1186 - 1195]

What I need 
- Any reference/idea/explanation on => why does RegistryValueChangeEvent returns as a Non-Extrinsic  event? even though it has been derived from __ExtrinsicEvent

Other information:
Running on Windows 8 64 Bit 
>>> platform.machine()
>>> platform.architecture()
('64bit', 'WindowsPE')
>>> platform.python_version()
>>> platform.python_implementation()

Using WMI-1.4.9.win32 - downloaded via PIP


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