Intstalling wxPything

Sepi adm2303.2304 at
Tue Apr 7 05:41:20 CEST 2015


I installed wxpython through command line but when I want to use it, python gives me an error:  File "/Users//Desktop/", line 1, in <module> 
     import wx 
 ImportError: No module named 'wx' 

When I check my python path it is version 3.3 (/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3/) but when I try to install wxpython via python install --user it installs in /UsersLibrary/Python/2.7/bin/ 

 I don't know how to change this. 
 I got the answer! Just using python 3 instead of python in the command line 

But I get this error now:  File "/Users//Library/Python/3.3/lib/python/site-packages/wx_py/", line 27 
    print "Please specify a module name." 
SyntaxError: invalid syntax 

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