Trying to hire or grow a Python developer for a 2 year contract

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Tue Apr 7 14:11:42 CEST 2015

El 05/04/15 13:28, Peter Rowley escribió:
>  Hi,
> I'm at York University in Toronto, Canada.  We have a large 
> Python-and-Oracle web application written with Pyramids and YUI that 
> we use to manage the staffing of courses at York and are looking for 
> an intermediate or senior developer for a 2 year contract to work on 
> extensions to the application.  If you are interested or know of 
> someone who would be, please e-mail me at prowley at  The 
> salary is approximately $75,000 a year and benefits are excellent.
> We have been looking for someone for this position for a while and are 
> starting to think about hiring someone who has good programming skills 
> but not necessarily Python.  To that end, if you're a Python developer 
> or hire them, I'd be interested in your opinion of which common 
> programming languages that people might know would enable learning 
> Python?  I'm guessing PHP for the dynamic language concepts and Java 
> for the structure, but that's not based on much evidence.
Nice job!
It makes me realize that studying Python is not just fun but also an 
opportunity to get paid!
Bad for me because I'm just a beginner. I started with Python and Django 
a year ago! ;)

I read the basic concepts of several languages when I was a student: 
Basic, Pascal, C, Assembly language for x86 processor, then some basic 
concepts of OOP, then PHP and I found Python is so natural and easy to 
start with as they say in tutorials.

I'm sure you will find someone soon, Mr. Rowley.
Good luck!!!
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