Best search algorithm to find condition within a range

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Wed Apr 8 22:29:34 CEST 2015

On 08/04/2015 20:28, jonas.thornvall at wrote:
> Den onsdag 8 april 2015 kl. 19:34:39 UTC+2 skrev Mel Wilson:
>> On Wed, 08 Apr 2015 07:56:05 -0700, jonas.thornvall wrote:
>>> There is no need for inventing a new set of characters representing
>>> 32-bit numbers. You will not be able to learn them by heart anyway,
>>> unless they build on a interpretation system binaries, decimals.
>> See Jorge Luis Borges, _Funes the Memorious_.  Gotta keep up with the
>> literature.
> One thing is true though the bigger the chunks the less operations doing add.
> So arithmetic may turn out to be obsolete and replaced with search in lookuptables.

I suggest that you put this on python ideas before writing up a PEP, it 
seems like a sure fire winner to me.

My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask
what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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