Help with ElementTree

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Fri Apr 10 13:32:21 CEST 2015

Larry Martell schrieb am 10.04.2015 um 12:49:
>> root.find("Doc/Node[@Name='Events']/Parameter[@Name='LastEventExportTime']/Value/Current").text
>> root.find("Doc/Node[@Name='SystemConfig']/Node[@Name='Environment']/Parameter[@Name='ToolName']/Value/Current").text
> So I tested this on a machine running 2.7, but then when I deployed it
> to my client's machine it did not work. Turns out they're running 2.6
> which I find does not support searching for attributes using the
> [@attribute] syntax. They do not want to upgrade, so I have to find a
> way to do this without using that. :-(

Do they, by any chance, have lxml installed on their machine? If so, you
could use that as a (pretty much) drop-in replacement for ElementTree, with
a substantially larger feature set.


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