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Pippo <adm2303.2304 at> writes:

> On Sunday, 12 April 2015 20:50:51 UTC-4, Steven D'Aprano  wrote:
> > The API tells you how to use a library. That's what API means: "Application
> > Programming Interface".[…]
> > Can you ask a more specific question?
> This is what I want to use:
> No proper documentation for it! 

That's a shame. Have you filed a bug report at the project, asking for
comprehensive API documentation?

Also: Thank you for replying chronologically (response immediately
follows what you're responding to). Please make your posts easier to
read by removing quoted material that you *aren't* responding to; this
goes by the term “trim quoted material”.

This message is an example of what I'm advocating: responses are
interleaved like a conversation, the only quoted material shows what I'm
responding to, and attribution lines say who wrote each level.

See also <URL:>.

> Is there an API for creating network graphs in python? I want to
> create network for my text files.

The Python Package Index <URL:> has a search
feature; searching for “network graph” gives many results
I'm not familiar with such tasks though, so can't advise as to which
libraries might be better.

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