Python-MVC front/backend 4 firewall OPNsense -> alternative to old m0n0wall/pfSense PHP ?

chol chol at
Wed Apr 15 18:22:51 CEST 2015

Hello dear community, dear Python developers!

Would this be a reasonable and appealing project?  A MVC (backend, frontend) of OPNsense ( -> to proof
the security of Python (3. Gen)? The OPNsense backend was recently
rewritten in Python already.

Manuel Kasper wrote a PHP GUI/backend around pf Packetfilter with m0n0wall, pfSense forked and did stick to PHP, now the new 02-2015 fork OPNsense did the same.

Alan Jude from BSD-Now suggested indirectly  - why not to rewrite it in Python. Because of architecture and security reasons, I guess. Maybe it is an opportunity right now?

What do you think? - Cheers, Chol.

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