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On 2015-04-16, Blake McBride <blake1024 at> wrote:

> Thanks for all the responses.  I especially like the Pike pointer. 
> To be clear:
> 1.  I don't think languages should depend on invisible elements to
>     determine logic.

I had the same attitude when I first tried Python 15 years ago. But,
Python was the only free language implimentation I could find for
Windows that had all the features to allow me to easily write a
program to suck e-mail messages out of Outlook via DCOM and shove them
over to an SMTP server.

After a few days of use, I was a firm believer in semantically
significant indentation (and have been ever since).

> 2.  Having been an employer, it is difficult to force programmers to
>     use any particular editor or style.  Different editors handle tabs
>     and spaces differently.  This is all a bloody nightmare with Python.

It's an even _worse_ problem for C, PHP, Javascript, et al.  At least
Python requires some semblance of order and method.  Those other
languages allow complete anarchy, and any time developer A has to
read/edit code from devloper B, it wastes all sorts of time.

> 3.  Languages that use braces (or the like) can be run through a
>     program beautifier to correct the indentation.

With Python, there's no need.  The indenation is _already_ correct.

>     You are just screwed in Python.  So, Python may be a cute
>     language for you to use as an individual, but it is unwieldy in a
>     real development environment.

Ah.  That explains why Google uses it so much.

> 4.  Language beautifiers used on bracey languages removes all
>     arguments in favor of an off-side language.

As trolls go, I don't think this rates much above a C-.

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