Importing/migrating Mailman mbox files into Google Groups?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sat Apr 18 02:33:51 CEST 2015

On 16Apr2015 08:32, Skip Montanaro <skip.montanaro at> wrote:
>Quite sometime ago (2011?), the classic-rendezvous mailing list, which had
>been hosted by a Mailman instance at, was reconstituted as a
>Google Group. Just a bunch of old bikies interested in vintage bikes. The
>original archives were never imported into the new group. (It might not
>have been possible at that time.) I suspect there might be a way to
>accomplish that today using some Google API like this:
>Has anyone here attempted such a feat? I have no problem with the Python
>side of traversing the necessary mbox archive files, but have no experience
>with any of the Google APIs.
>Pointers appreciated...

Hmm, I have never used these.

However, before you get very excited see if people can get messages back out of 
the archive. A major annoyance for me with GGroups versus mailman is that if I 
join a group I cannot download the historical archive. (This is a standard step 
for me when I join a mailing list. I hear mailman 3 might be tossing this 
facility; I am unimpressed.)

Returning to the original question, it looks like the uppload format is pretty 
simple. This page:

which is linked to from your link seems to show an example.

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