Huh? No way to markup announcements here?

Tim Golden mail at
Sat Apr 18 12:36:34 CEST 2015

On 18/04/2015 11:24, edreamleo at wrote:
> Many google groups support markdown or other markup.
> I see no mention of markup here:
> Is there any way to format announcements?  If so, how.  If not, why not?

Because this is not, primarily, a Google Group. Depending on your 
perspective it's either a Usenet group (comp.lang.python) or a mailing 
list (python-list). Services such as Google Groups, gmane or various 
web-based portals are interacting with one or other of those (last time 
I looked: GG was using nntp and gmane the mailing list).

Both of those services -- Usenet & Mailing list -- are traditionally 
plain text. One could certainly make a case for the uniquity and 
helpfulness of standard HTML markup, but I'm afraid that's unlikely to 
cut any ice in the face of a long-established and usually useful convention.

Obviously you could use some established text markup such as ReST or 
markdown which is quite readable in plain text but which *could* be 
rendered to HTML by a suitable reader.


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