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Sun Apr 19 14:59:10 CEST 2015

BartC <bc at> writes:

> Why shouldn't A configure his editor to display a Python program in
> C-like syntax, and B configure their editor to use Python-like tabbed
> syntax?

I don't recall anyone saying that *shouldn't* be done. Feel free to
make, and maintain and support and propagate and keep pace with changes
in everything Python interacts with, a full Python stack that supports
such flexibility.

> A can write code in the preferred syntax, and B can view/modify
> exactly the same code in /their/ preferred syntax. What would be the
> problem?

I can only invite you to embark on the project of a Python compiler
which accepts such a switchable syntax, maintain it consistently over
the lifetime of a project with significant numbers of people
collaborating using different switch settings for that syntax, and
working on the same code with different editor settings.

Once you've done that, report back to us about the problems encountered.

> (The actual stored representation of the program would be in one of
> those two styles, or something else entirely; Lisp-like syntax for
> example. It doesn't matter because no-one would care.

No-one except the people who have to maintain and debug and continue
developing a Python that supports multiple radically-different syntaxes.
I suspect the efforts of those people is being discounted in your vision.

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