Python and fortran Interface suggestion

pauld11718 pauld11718 at
Sun Apr 19 17:56:00 CEST 2015

I shall provide with further details....

Its about Mathematical modelling of a system. Fortran does one part and python does the other part (which I am suppose to provide).
For a time interval tn --> t_n+1, fortran code generates some values, for which my python code accepts it as an input. It integrates some data for the same time step tn --> tn+1 and fortran computes based on this for the next time step t_n+1 --> t_n+2......and this is how loop continues.

Its the fortran code calling my Python executable at all the time interval.

1. Is it about rebuilding every thing using cx_freeze kind of stuff in windows? 

2. As interfacing between fortran/python is via .dat file, so on every time-step python executable is called it shall open()/close() .dat file. This along with all those 
from **** import *'s
are unnecessary.

3. I dont have access to fortran code. I shall provide the python executable only, which will take input from .dat file and write to another .dat file. So, what is your suggestion regarding socket/pipe and python installation on RAM? I have no idea with those.

Isn't there a better way to handle such issues?

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