New to Python - block grouping (spaces)

BartC bc at
Mon Apr 20 02:30:44 CEST 2015

On 20/04/2015 00:59, Ben Finney wrote:
> BartC <bc at> writes:
>> I used actual languages Python and C in my example, I should have used
>> A and B or something.
> If you had, then the topic drifts so far from being relevant to a Python
> programming forum that I'd ask you to stop.
> Perhaps that should have happened much sooner.

Maybe it should have. This sub-thread started by you replying to this 
parenthesised comment of mine:

"(Actually *I* would quite like to know why languages don't have
switchable syntax anyway to allow for people's personal preferences.)"

I didn't mention any language by name at all!


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