docstringargs: Python module for setting up argparse

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Mon Apr 20 08:20:14 CEST 2015

Looking for comments, recommendations, advice that I've just wasted
half a day on something utterly useless, whatever it be!

I've just posted a new (single-module) package to PyPI that simplifies
the creation of an argparse UI for a program that consists of a number
of subcommands. It uses function docstrings and, optionally,
annotations, to put together the necessary argparse configs, without
needing all the names to be written out lots of times.

Examples are in the source tree:

As this is the first project I've pushed up to PyPI, it's entirely
possible - even likely - that I've made a blooper in the metadata
somewhere. It does appear to install fine using pip, but I don't know
if something's going to cause problems down the line somewhere. All
advice gratefully received.

Is this something worth pursuing?


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