Hooked, a pure Python Windows Hotkey module

IronManMark20 mr.smittye at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 03:04:16 CEST 2015

Announcing Hooked

Hooked is a pure python hotkey module. There are some great options such as pyHook, and pyhk,  but I wanted a pure Python version so all Python implementations could use hotkeys.

Now, an example!
def foo():
    print "I was triggered by Ctrl+B!"
from hooked import hook 
hk=hook() #make an instance of hooked
hk.Hotkey(["LCtrl","B"],foo) #the left ctrl+b causes foo to trigger
hk.listen() #start listening for the hotkey

I just made this yesterday, so more updates over the next few days.
* It should support all keyboard keys
* It should allow for an unlimited number of hotkeys to be registered.
* It is pure Python, which means you can go and edit things easily.
* It supports all versions of Windows since 2000.
* It _only_ uses the standard library. No need for pywin32.

Hooked is licensed under the GPL v2. 

The source is here:https://github.com/IronManMark20/hooked

Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests? etc?

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