Finding problem in GUI (wxpython) for a python app

vinit.shanbhag18 at vinit.shanbhag18 at
Tue Apr 21 19:03:34 CEST 2015

We are building an app that can help people to chat with the ones connected over LAN. No internet connection is required.For GUI we are using wxpython. Problem is in the Launching of a frame. In the beginning when a particular client say c1 receives a message from c2 we pop a new frame and c2's name to the frame list. our problem is when c2 sends the next message how to find the frame that is already opened and append this message to the frame. Are there any facility to find the frame with the name stored in the frame list? 

Help us... Thanking you     

I tried......WXpython

Could you tell me how FindWindowByName works? I couldn't find any example implementing it. I need to identify and open an open frame to append messages to it.I could only find syntax and am having trouble understanding it.Throws unbound method error.I know that this error pops up when a method is called using a wrong object.But I cannot call this method using a wx.Window object as that is what am trying to obtain in the first place....

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