Urjent Requirements :1.Agile Coach,2.Technical Analyst :- Remedy 3.Technical Analyst :- Internet Explorer, Location:-Bloomington, IL.

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Role: Agile Coach 
Work location :- Bloomington, IL, 

Job description:

The  person should have a very strong experience in successfully working with Agile teams.  They should have experience in the Scrum Master role and  have mentored coached others in Agile techniques previously. 
   The duties would be: 
o Training and coaching Agile teams as well as preparing for and executing Agile Transformations.
o Skill lies in the expertise needed to assess organizational operating models, quickly assimilate details, and optimize organizations value streams. 
o Work at varying levels across your organization and are often useful as an independent voice of reason when facilitating sessions intended to break-down silos that are often present in the cultures of larger organizations. 
o Proficient in many Agile disciplines (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Feature Driven Development) and many are Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants (SAFE, SPC).



Role: Technical Analyst: Remedy

Location: Bloomington, IL 

Job description:

Development experience with Remedy.   
Task description :- Modeling, implementing and optimizing process workflows in Remedy AR System suite version 8.1 
3 or more years Remedy Development is required. 
3 or more years with workflow designs, and process improvement is required. 
Experience installing, configuring, and upgrading Remedy services is required. 
Experience with BMC application integration is required. 
Experience with the following Suite components: 
·       AR System Server 
·       SRM 
·       Atrium Core 
·       Atrium Core Web Services 
·       Atrium Integrator 
·       ITSM Suite 
·       SLM 
·       SRM


Role: Technical Analyst :-  Internet Explorer 
Work location: Bloomington, IL, 

Job Description:

Problem Statement: Users of a complex web application frequently experience slow responses, browser lockups, and browser crashes. This application is only compatible with Internet Explorer, thus all users are using Internet Explorer. 
Research has shown that this does not appear to be a server-side issue, and appears to be an issue with how this particular web application is interacting with the Internet Explorer browser. These issues are sporadic, and are not easily reproduced. 

The requirement is for an analyst that has the skillset required to analyze this issue, ranging from JavaScript code, Browser <-> OS interactions, network transactions, etc. 

Need a highly technical resource to help troubleshoot the above issues. 

The resource needs to be 
·       Onsite - develop hands-on experience, create environment of collaboration for application users and technical support, 
·       Operate with a high degree of autonomy 
·       Results oriented (identify/recognize/pinpoint obscure complications that present themselves) 
·       Strong written and verbal communication skills (both technical and business communication abilities). 
·       Extensive knowledge of Internet Explorer, Windows OS, and related monitoring tools 
-       Troubleshoot workstations experiencing Internet Explorer lockups and crashes. 
-       Knowledge of various Internet Explorer configuration options (Registry settings, command line arguments, Group Policy Settings) 
-       Strong understanding of Internet Explorer process and memory management 
-       Understanding of Internet Explorer caching behavior, 
-       Ability to analyze caching interactions throughout mid-tier infrastructure components. 
·       Ability to comprehend server-side application code (Java), as relevant to user-facing functionality 
·       Network transaction analysis 
·       Browser to Browser & OS interactions 
·       XSL, XML 
·       JQuery 
·       Familiarity with utilities such as ProcMon, Process Explorer, and GFlags 
·       Familiarity with monitoring / tracing tools such as Wireshark, HTTP Watch, and Fiddler

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