Best GUI for Python

IronManMark20 mr.smittye at
Sun Apr 26 21:04:19 CEST 2015

> But just curious: what is the reason you use five different kinds of
> GUI? It seems like it makes think difficult for you. I mean the
> question as enlightenment for myself.

A good question :). Most of this comes from the openness to create binding for many projects. Tkinter is a binding of Tk. pyGTK is a binding of GTK, which is written in c++, the same is true of PyQt/PySide, which binds Qt. wxPython binds wxWidgets. 

I find the variation good, because it means there are more choices. I use PyQt, because I wanted very cross platform code, other choose pyGTK because they want to closely integrate with the GTK environment. 

Your choice of GUI library depends on what you are targeting.

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