Clize 3.0b1: An argument parser that draws a CLI from your function sigature

Yann Kaiser kaiser.yann at
Mon Apr 27 11:02:40 CEST 2015

Hello everyone!

After a few years in development, I am proud to say Clize is landing its
feet again and is now in beta for an upcoming release.

You can try it out using    pip install --user clize=3.0b1    and you can
browse the docs at

For those who'd like an explanation before clicking links, here's Clize's
5-bullet point explanation:

* Command-line interfaces are created by passing functions to ``.
* Parameter types are deduced from the functions' parameters.
* A ``--help`` message is generated from your docstrings. (Why does this
still need to be a bullet point?)
* Decorators can be used to reuse functionality across functions.
* Clize can be extended with new parameter behavior.

I am primarily looking for feedback on the documentation contents, and I
need to source a FAQ page, but any feedback is welcome!

If you are into that sort of thing, I've also just set up a G+ community
for it at:
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